About ShortJobs

Let us tell you why ShortJob exists before we tell you who we are. Current situation which world is passing through, has thrown unprecedented challenges to both employers and employees, where employer is looking for passionate individuals more than ever before – experienced / freshers – for part time / short-time expertise jobs (which can eventually result into long-term too) and employee is looking for temporary assignments (maybe based on his / her passion beyond the main-stream work area). That is where ShortJobs evolves as an “Atma-Nirbhar” conduit of connect between the aspiring employee and demanding corporate.

Roles & Responsilabilities:

We see our role as that of a match-maker with a strong belief that every position in a corporate has an ideal match of experts available to serve the need. We have an outstanding professional team, connected to different industries, and back-end support team continuously on the look-out for the ideal match with mind blowing solutions for Indian short-job scenario, where we consider our main job as to provide a complete solution to serve the need of short-term engagement – more popularly known in the west as “gig jobs” – looking at the need from Indian perspective at the best value-for-money proposition.
Come and be part of our dream with ultimate aim of fulfilling your dream as an employee or an employer by immersing in the new horizon of ShortJobs !!

Got questions ? Reach out to us at info@shortjobs.in

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