Gig Economy what and why
By ShortJobs Team | August 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

Answering the Why’s and What’s

For those who have never heard the word, ‘Gig’ is slang for a short-term job, varying from driving an Uber to freelancing as an actor. Millennials as well as Boomers – both the generations are credited to giving a push to the gig-economy, especially in the US. Further, the technological advances and work-from-home ideologies have given the population a huge impetus in taking short-term gigs. 

There are over 30 lakh gig workers¹ who are temporarily working independently as contractors, on-call workers, online platform freelancers, etc. It is believed that the gig world generates about 56% of the new employment. Taking up a gig to satisfy a hobby has increased as there are no barriers and you are not supposed to sign up for a long-term contract. With freelancing, having short-term goals, and getting paid for something you want to do in less time, you will be called your own ‘Boss’. Gone are the days where you would have to pick up late-night calls and get coffee to impress the employer for later promotion. You need not worry about coping with the stress of joining a company and cooperating with its culture. You decide the job you want to apply for and will be paid only for the work you do. If you are looking to participate in this economy, it has never been easier. Short term gigs and employers are just a few clicks away!

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