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Birth of ShortJobs India: The Next Big for Gig

Back in 2016, when Deloitte was asking whether the Global Gig Economy “ was a Distraction or Disruption, although most of the thought leaders understood the importance of it, still they were in a conundrum regarding the shape, growth, and business impact considering such workforce.

As time has passed, gradually people around the globe start visualizing the importance of it irrespective of Industries, Geographies, and Functions as well. And you may say it as a Blessing in Disguise, Current Covid-19 Scenario has forced all thought leaders to consider it seriously. In the USA Market, already its impact has started pre-pandemic. India is also not untouched from it.

Gig economy statistics show a free market system where organizations and independent workers engage in short-term work arrangements.

According to Edison Research, for 44% of gig workers in the USA work in the gig economy is their primary source of income. For 53% of gig workers aged 18-34, their work in the gig economy is their primary source of income. And adding to it, another benefit of being Gig, you no need to quit your full-time job. To learn new things, implement those learned skillsets in your part-time job is the best thing one can do in the current scenario.

Best Part of being Gig are:- 

  1. You are wearing multiple hats at the same time.
  2. It gives you credibility and recognition.
  3. You can convert your passion into profit.
  4. You are going to get exposure to diversified industries.
  5. You can cater to your and your family’s needs by doing it.

An inclination towards flexible work is being driven by factors such as freedom, technology up-gradation, skill focus, additional income, and human capital. Gig economy allows task ownership, convenience, and flexibility.

Considering all such scenarios and as there is a huge scope in India for such a workforce, one line came to my mind. 

Rightly pointed out by Alexis Ringwald, Co-founder & CEO of LearnUp, and many jobs that are going to be slackened from the market and so Jobholder as well.  Adding to it, many new types of jobs will be created about which we have never heard about it before.

LinkedIn Talent Trends is also indicating it. To support it, when I am trying to correlate it with Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2020, is also pointed out similarly.

India is having a huge workforce that too in young professionals so we can leverage it. To support such a workforce, many start-ups are looking for freelancers or gig-workers for meeting their needs.

Although few start-ups are already there in the market before launching of our Venture, I am sure we can create our unique space due to our vigilant growth partner and promoter.

We need your support in this regard.

To know more about it, kindly visit the website: –

About Promoter: –   Umang, a young professional from Mumbai whose vision is to create

Marketplace where gig economy workforce will be benefitted in terms of employment and credibility by their skillset.

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  1. Satya Prakash
    August 8, 2020

    Glad to see you Umang and best wishes from my end for your bright future..

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