Freelancers have more secured jobs

Freelancers have more secured jobs

Freelancing isn’t the foremost secured choice in the market; however will a full time corporate job offer that security?


Even in an exceedingly full time company job there’s a relentless weight of lay off, slow growth and different perils. And if the firm you’re operating for isn’t that purported than there’s a good likelihood of non-payment of services. This has occurred with set up organizations like Kingfisher where the workers dint get their due installment.

Returning to outsourcing, the circumstance is same over here. With regards to installment (which is significantly why you work), you should be cautious and have some security that your sum due will be paid. Notwithstanding, a large portion of the customers are straightforward and would pay you the sum.

You may conjointly provoke advance pay a minimum of some half so your basic fare is already recovered. 

Why it is said that freelancers have better and more secured jobs? Here are the major reasons:

  1. They have the power to change anything that doesn’t suit them. They earn more money since they are in control of themselves only.
  2. Kind of security. Who will fire them? They are their own boss. They won’t feel burdened by putting in extra time.
  3. Choose own location to work. Location actually has no importance in freelancing. They won’t be unemployed if you needed to move.

According to a study by Adam Warner (Blog Writer of Website Planet):

When compared to last year, 45% of freelancers said they feel more secure about their employment. This could be because they’ve had more experience freelancing, or because there are more opportunities available. Only 21% said they feel less secure, and 34% said they feel about the same.

In the same study, 41% of respondents said they intend to freelance for the foreseeable future. The majority (63%) also believe having a diversified portfolio of clients gives them more security than just one employer (up by 10% since 2016). Most freelancers average 4.5 clients per month.

According to a survey by Upwork:

57 million Americans freelanced in the year 2019 which is almost 35% of the US workforce. When studied, the reason was flexibility provided in freelancing; flexibility of working hours, location independency and working for own, and generating more money.

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