Shortjobs India : One Stop Solution for All Industries in Gig Economy Space

When we face issues in life, we are looking for a solution. Sometimes it is easy to figure out issues & sometimes it takes a longer time.
Similarly, it happens in the case of a Professional Career.
I am writing this blog not from Promotion Perspective but a normal candidate perspective.
I came from a small town and middle-class family. When I came to Mumbai back in 2016, hardly I knew the power of “Freelance Work” although I started small work back in 2007 but in scattered manner.
You will not believe the satisfaction behind it because I used to do all these to get my pocket money and to make me self-reliable in some way for meeting my daily expenses.
Today when I am seeing Freelance Market in India, it has huge scope. The only issue is that getting the right platform.
The Reason behind raising the RIGHT Platform is very important. Unless we will be in Conundrum while applying freelance job in particular.
Considering Freelance Market, I have dissected the “RIGHT” Platform as follows:
R- Reasonable Price
I – Informative
G- Genuine
H- Holistic Solution
T – Time-Bound
When I am looking at all these 5 Parameters, very few are meeting to these criteria particularly in India and Proudly Shortjobs is one of them.
It is an on-demand platform launched by Eye Media Networks for providing flexible work opportunities with a vision to fill in the gaps between people who have lost their jobs in this pandemic and companies looking to fill the contract based/ temporary jobs.
Apart from it, it has also started catering requirement of Hospitality, Tourism as well as Pharmaceutical short-term job opportunities.
My friend Umang, Founder of Shortjobs India explained, “We have developed a platform that will give the jobseekers an opportunity to find jobs which may not be permanent jobs but short jobs/ contract assignments. They can find temporary jobs depending on their skills sets PAN INDIA.
When the market is volatile, the talent shortage is there in few industries and overall financial instability is everywhere, getting a pocket-friendly freelance job platform for employers is a herculean task. Adding to it, getting industry-specific active candidate pool is always difficult at a cheap price.

As everyone knows “ On- Demand Job “ is one of the hottest trend right now in Job Market , but at the same time there are very few alternatives are available in the market.
The way “Shortjobs India is growing in the last couple months, its future is bright I must say being a job seeker. I wish more and more success would come to its Team so that it will soon be known as one of the best Gig Economy Jobs Platform in near future.