What is the Gig Economy for Creatives?

Nine to Five Jobs aren’t everyone’s cup of teais just one out of the numerous reasons on which the Gig Economy thrives and rescues talented individuals out of their dull and monotonous routines. According to one study by LinkedIn, 80% of the Gig Economy revolves around jobs related to Arts & Design and Media & Communication.

Going by the crisis the World Economy is facing in the present day and time, it is believed that the unemployment rate in India is about 7.9% (data gained from Centre for Monitory Indian Economy). Further, the ILO-ADB Report claimed that over 4 million youths have lost their jobs during the pandemic. With the current employment scenario along with the talent shortage, employers are trying to seek potential candidates who are creative, efficient, and adept. Over here, they do not ask for long-term commitments and in case you are looking for some extra cash in return for some of the skills you already possess, this is the perfect treat for you!

So, how creative do I have to be if I want to get involved in a gig?

To be completely honest, some of the local gigs offered are pretty simple, and the others require special skills. Think of this as a piece-rate economy where you voluntarily get to choose the pieces you wish to pick! Freelancers often look for various gigs to enhance their skillset and keep them going. If you are into music or dance or drama or photography or anything else, the gig economy welcomes you with open arms! No longer looking for the perfect tie to get the sales going, just opt for gigs and do what you always wished for – from the comfort of your home!